Southbank Campus Apartments: Swimming Pool and City View

Southbank Campus Apartments:
Swimming Pool and City View

Property Search Pty Ltd is an independent property consultant which acts for individuals and companies to advise on and co-ordinate the development and management of property assets to achieve the best possible return from those assets.

Property Search was established in 1988 and has a long track record of successful property developments and transactions which have created wealth for many clients.

By monitoring market trends and general economic factors, Property Search has an ongoing capacity to identify profitable geographic locations and market segments for investment. With expertise in planning, design and marketing Property Search can identify and assess specific site opportunities for investment or development.

As an independent consultant, Property Search is retained by the client investor and receives payment only from that client. This independence ensures that all dealings with real estate agents and other professionals remain totally independent and therefore guarantees complete objectivity in the advice given.


Property Search’s goal is to apply the professional property skills and expertise of its’ directors and staff to ensure that clients property assets and developments are of a nature to suit their situation and to maximise their returns.

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